Grainstore Garden Buildings


Our bespoke, luxurious British summerhouses and pavilions are both stylish and practical. By using the ancient agricultural technique of mounting our buildings on staddle stones we produce a classic building which will enhance any garden giving shelter from the chill (or heat) both day and night. The raised seating position gives a new perspective over the garden.

We usually finish our buildings in black (replicating the traditional buildings which were often painted with pitch as a preservative) and the interiors of our standard buildings are in cream, giving a light, sophisticated feel. However, customers can change colours and finish to create their own 'world' as part of the fun of buying and owning one of our summerhouses.

Our own in house designer is available to help if required so that customers can create their own room - to hide away and read a book - or even write one - or host a dinner party.

Grainstore Summerhouses and garden buildings

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